Jailbreak your PG3D

To further unlock your machine, Team Pandory have released their jailbreak as part of Pandory itself.

The jailbreak will give the users the ability to run any Android APK up until version 4.4. This includes current up-to-date versions of emulators, for example the newest Reicast, PPSSPP, Hatari, Mupen64.

A fine example of what you can do with the Jailbreak

Not only can you use these emulators, you can also CONFIGURE them without any limits imposed. We now have 4:3 aspect ratio, controls easily editable, and multiple graphical options from within each emulator.

The process is fairly simple, and takes around 10 minutes to do. All you need, is a reliable USB stick (4gb or larger- make sure you fake check it!!!)- and the latest Pandory release from here.

You can either follow the guide in the readme of the latest Pandory, here– or jailbreak your Pandora system with the following video guide: